Weekly OHDSI Digest – October 28th, 2019


The Book of OHDSI working group meeting  – Tuesday at 11am ET
Zoom URL: https://columbiauniversity.zoom.us/j/258043190

OHDSI Community Call – Tuesday at 12pm ET
Webex: https://meetings.webex.com/collabs/#/meetings/detail?uuid=M59X2V1U61WC9ASID2Z5N3UT95-D1JL&rnd=96139.930901412523321531221112212141232121131213113112112121536

ATLAS workgroup meeting  – Wednesday at 10am ET
URL: https://jjconferencing.webex.com/webappng/sites/jjconferencing/meeting/info/129429150951851372?MTID=mca074ae1ff6eb7d80245d36b59188c80

Psychiatry Work Group  – Thursday at 8am ET
URL: https://meet.lync.com/quintiles-quintilesims/sarah.seager/F0MS2T5B

Population-Level Estimation WG (Eastern Hemisphere)  – Thursday at 3am ET
URL: https://meetings.webex.com/collabs/#/meetings/detail?uuid=M6WE9AOKFETH2VEFPVCZWWBIT0-D1JL&rnd=156731.38810

EHR Work Group Meeting  – Friday at 10am ET
URL: https://ucdenver.zoom.us/j/4984831362

You can find a full list of upcoming OHDSI meetings here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1X0oa9R-V8cwpF1WQZDJOqcXZguPKRiCZ6XrQ2zXMiuQ/edit


Looking for presenters for upcoming OHDSI community calls We are looking for collaborators to share their work on upcoming OHDSI calls. If you are interested in presenting on an upcoming OHDSI call please email me at beaton@ohdsi.org

OHDSI study published in Lancet! The LEGEND hypertension study been published in the Lancet! To check out the paper, click here:
For more info on the study, check out our press release:

OHDSI Symposium Page  – A full recap of the 2019 OHDSI U.S. Symposium, including photos, videos, collaborator showcase posters, and more, is available here: https://www.ohdsi.org/2019-us-symposium-page/. You can find it on the front page under the Symposium recap video, or as the first dropdown under the “2019 OHDSI Symposium” menu. Presentation slides are available there, and Symposium talks will begin to be posted this week, starting with the morning plenary session.

OHDSI Social Showcase  We are posting one poster/demo/lightning talk from the Collaborator Showcase (#OHDSISocialShowcase) each weekday on both our Twitter and LinkedIn pages. Please check these out if you are on either, and share to promote all the great work OHDSI is doing. If you took part in the Collaborator Showcase, you’ll get an email on the Monday of the week you will be included to help you promote it.

2019 OHDSI Symposium – Videos  Videos from the 2019 OHDSI symposium, including presentations from the main symposium, tutorials and the Women in Real-World Analytics leadership forum are current in post-production and will be made available shortly.

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Comprehensive comparative effectiveness and safety of first-line antihypertensive drug classes: a systematic, multinational, large-scale analysis

Distributed Analytics on Sensitive Medical Data: The Personal Health Train

Adherence to clinical practice guidelines for the prevention of acute chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting in children, adolescents, and young adults with cancer receiving their first cycle of highly emetogenic chemotherapy.

Comparison of First-Line Dual Combination Treatments in Hypertension: Real-World Evidence from Multinational Heterogeneous Cohorts.

Incidence, prevalence, and management of plantar heel pain: a retrospective cohort study in Dutch primary care.

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and risk of incident acute myocardial infarction and stroke: findings from matched cohort study of 18 million European adults.

Patient-reported gout attack frequency and allopurinol use in general practice in the Netherlands: a prospective observational cohort study protocol.

Missense variants in TAF1 and developmental phenotypes: challenges of determining pathogenicity.