Phenotype Phebruary 2024

“Phenotype Phebruary” is a community-wide initiative to advance the field of phenotyping in observational studies. The OHDSI community has engaged in Phenotype Phebruary in both 2022 and 2023, and this year the community set a goal to understand what is the current practices in the field and how much researchers introduce variability in the process of phenotype development and evaluation.

Under the leadership of Azza Shoaibi, Anna Ostropolets, Gowtham Rao and James Weaver, Phenotype Phebruary 2024 focuses on assessing consistency in phenotype definition components, phenotype representation structure, and phenotype validation methods. The month-long activity empowers OHDSI collaborators to engage with each other while advancing the science of phenotyping and gaining education and training around phenotype development and evaluation.

Feb. 6 Phenotype Phebruary Update

Throughout the month, collaborators will engage in a month-long study focused on assessing consistency in phenotype definitions and methods. The goal for this is to evaluate reporting patterns and consistency among reported phenotype algorithms for the same clinical phenotype across observational studies.

During the Phenotype Phebruary introductory call, community members voted to focus efforts on four specific phenotypes: Alzheimer’s Disease, pulmonary hypertension, major depression disorder and prostate cancer). Each week, there will be systematic literature search and synthesis, replication using ATLAS and other OHDSI tools, and summarize variations in population characteristics like incidence rates.

There will be consistent updates on the forum post linked below, and weekly updates during February community calls. The working folder is accessible for anybody who wants to read about our community efforts. If you are interested in joining, please consider joining the Phenotype Development & Evaluation workgroup so you have edit access to the working folder. Please join our meetings and identify an area/task you would be interested in helping complete.

Videos - Phenotype Phebruary Updates and Discussions