Regional Chapters

Definition of an OHDSI Chapter
An OHDSI chapter represents a group of OHDSI collaborators located in a geographic area who wish to hold local networking events and meetings to address problems specific to their geographic location.

Current OHDSI Chapters

OHDSI Australia

OHDSI Europe




OHDSI Singapore
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OHDSI Taiwan


Guidelines for starting an OHDSI Chapter

Process of becoming an OHDSI Chapter

  1. Call a meeting of all collaborators in the area who might be interested in supporting a chapter of OHDSI. Carefully consider the motivation for creating the new chapter and objectively discuss whether or not potential changes in how existing chapters are managed might accommodate the needs expressed by your group.
  2. If sufficient interest exists, elect officers who will be responsible for the chapter’s overall governance, organization, communication, funding and events.
  3. Submit a letter of intent to the OHDSI coordinating center.
  4. The letter must include a list of all chapter members, the list must include at least 5 OHDSI collaborators.
  5. A description outlining the chapter’s aims and objectives

All OHDSI Chapters must adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. The aims and objectives of the chapter must adopt OHDSI’s mission, vision and values
  2. All activities, events and meetings must be inclusive and open to all who wish to participate
  3. All materials and documents must be openly accessible on the internet. If the chapter chooses to maintain a website, that website must include links to
  4. All chapters must meet regularly (either in-person or remotely) to discuss making progress towards their intended goals
  5. All chapters are responsible for their own governance, organization and funding.
  6. All chapters are responsible for communicating chapter activities to collaborators located within their geographic region.
  7. All chapters must submit an annual report to the OHDSI coordinating center detailing their activities and achievements over the past year.
  8. The OHDSI coordinating center reserves the right to disband a chapter if their activities do not align with OHDSI’s mission