OHDSI Workgroups

OHDSI’s central mission is to improve health by empowering a community to collaboratively generate the evidence that promotes better health decisions and better care. We work towards that goal in the areas of data standards, methodological research, open-source analytics development, and clinical applications.

Our workgroups present opportunities for all community members to find a home for their talents and passions, and make meaningful contributions. We are always looking for new collaborators. Learn more about these workgroups by checking out this page.

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Get to Know the OHDSI Workgroups



2024 Objectives & Key Results (OKRs)

Africa Chapter

Agnes Kiragga

Cynthia Sung

Asia-Pacific (APAC)

Mui Van Zandt


Christopher Knoll

Alexey Manoylenko

Anthony Sena

Clinical Trials

Mike Hamidi

Lin Zhen

CDM Vocabulary Subgroup

Anna Ostropolets

Data Model

Clair Blacketer

Danielle Boyce

Robert Koski

Early-Stage Researchers

Faaizah Arshad

Ross Williams

Electronic Animal Health Records

Manlik Kwong

Wayde Shipman

Eye Care and Vision Research

Sally Baxter

Kerry Goetz

Michelle Hribar


Davera Gabriel

Christian Reich

Guy Tsafnat

Generative AI & Analytics in Healthcare (GAIA)

Martijn Schuemie

GIS - Geographic Information System

Robert Miller

Andrew Williams

Kyle Zollo-Venecek

Martijn Schuemie

Health Equity

Atif Adam

Healthcare Systems

Melanie Philofsky

Paul Dougall

Sarah Seager


Asiyah Lin


Paul Nagy

Seng Chan You

Methods Research

Martijn Schuemie

Marc Suchard

Natural Language Processing

Vipina Keloth

Hua Xu

Network Data Quality

Clair Blacketer

Asieh Golozar

Open-Source Community

Adam Black

Paul Nagy

Patient-Level Prediction

Jenna Reps

Ross Williams

and Reproductive Health

Alison Callahan

Stephanie Leonard

Louisa Smith

Phenotype Development and Evaluation

Gowtham Rao

Azza Shoaibi

Dmytry Dymshyts

Andrew Williams

Tina Parciak


Esther Janssen

Ruud Selles

Steering Group

George Hripcsak

Patrick Ryan

Surgery and Perioperative Medicine

Jenny Lane

Evan Minty

Melanie Philofsky

Vaccine Vocabulary

Oliver He

Asiyah Lin