2023 Europe Symposium

The 2023 Europe Symposium, held July 1-3 in Rotterdam, featured the widest breadth of research ever shared at the European event, and it also hosted several plenary talks and national updates to show how strong the community continues to grow.

The main conference included several talks, including sessions focused on European Initiatives Using the OMOP CDM and Data Analysis and Real World Interrogation Network (DARWIN EU®), as well as 10 lightning talks focused on OHDSI Community Evidence. Videos of all talks will be posted on this homepage when available.

The event welcomed a record number of submissions to the Collaborator Spotlight, including 45 posters on observational data standards and management, 28 on clinical applications, 11 on methods research and five on open-source analytics development. The full list of titles and most of the actual posters can be found on the Europe Showcase homepage. A full recap of the event was shared during the July 11 community call; you can watch that presentation here.


2023 OHDSI Europe Welcome + Introduction

Speaker: Peter Rijnbeek, PhD, Professor of Medical Informatics and Chair of the Department of Medical Informatics at Erasmus MC

Journey of OHDSI: Where have we been
and where we can go together?

Speaker: Patrick Ryan, PhD, Janssen Research and Development, Department of Biomedical Informatics, Columbia University Medical Center 

European Initiatives Using the OMOP CDM

Moderator: Renske Los, PhD, Assistant Professor of Medical Informatics, Department of Medical Informatics, Erasmus MC

1. European Health Data and Evidence Network: building a sustainable ecosystem for generating reliable evidence in Europe – Speaker: Carlos Diaz, Synapse
2. Harmonizing rare cancer data: lessons learned in EURACAN – Speaker: Maaike van Swieten, IKNL
3. HONEUR: Building a federated network in haematology – Speaker: Michel van Speybroeck, Janssen Pharmaceutica
4. PIONEER and OPTIMA, two EU-IMI funded big data projects led by the European Association of Urology – Speaker: Monique Roobol, Professor Decision Making in Urology, Erasmus MC
5. Panel Discussion and Q/A

Collaborator Showcase: Rapid-Fire Presentations

Moderator: Katia Verhamme, MD, Associate Professor of Use and Analysis of Observational Data, Department of Medical Informatics, Erasmus MC, Rotterdam
0:44 – Tools for the collaborative maintenance of national vocabularies and mappings (Speaker: Javier Gracia-Tabuenca)
6:09 – Implementation of the ARES application to monitor network-wide data quality and mapping coverage for 16 unique OMOP sources across Rwanda (Speaker: Jared Houghtaling)
12:11 – Multi-site Cost-effectiveness and Markov Chain analysis of heart failure (Speaker: Markus Haug)
18:41 – Deep Learning Comparison (Speaker: Henrik John)
24:21 – The association of short-, medium and long-term cardiovascular sequelae with COVID-19 infection: a multinational pilot study (Speaker: Ian Wong)
27:54 – Supporting pharmacovigilance signal validation and prioritization with analyses of routinely collected health data – lessons learned from an EHDEN network study (Speaker: Judith Brand)
35:54 – Pattern of long COVID symptoms and conditions: clustering analysis based on large multinational cohorts as part of an EHDEN Study-A-Thon (Speaker: Marti Catala Sabate)
42:36 – Evaluation of treatment effect heterogeneity in the LEGEND-Hypertension study (Speaker: Alexandros Rekkas)
48:36 – Characteristics and outcomes of over a million inflammatory bowel disease subjects in seven countries: a multinational cohort study (Speaker: Chen Yanover)
57:13 – Prediction of 30-day, 90-day and 1 year mortality after colorectal cancer surgery using a data-driven approach (Speaker: Ismail Gögenur)

Real-World Evidence use in Medicines Regulation

Moderator: Dani Prieto-Alhambra, PhD, Professor of Pharmaco- and Device Epidemiology at Oxford University

1:20 – Development (Speaker: Ed Burn)
12:03 – Study Operations (Speaker: Katia Verhamme)
20:17 – The SIDIAP experience as Data Partner in DARWIN EU® (Speaker: Talita Duarte-Salles)
30:34 – Drug utilisation of valproate-containing medicinal products in women of childbearing age: a network study part of DARWIN EU® (Speaker: Albert Prats-Uribe)
40:07 – Drug utilisation of antibiotics in the ‘Watch’ category of the WHO AWaRe classification of antibiotics for evaluation and monitoring of use: a network study part of DARWIN EU® (Speaker: Johnmary Arinze)
47:53 – Panel Q&A session


Peter Rijnbeek — with a little bit of help — provides the closing remarks for the 2023 OHDSI Europe Symposium.

Phenotype Development & Evaluation Workshop

Day 1

Faculty: Patrick Ryan, Anna Ostropolets, Gowtham Rao, Talita Duarte Salles and Victor Pera

Day 2

Faculty: Patrick Ryan, Anna Ostropolets, Gowtham Rao, Talita Duarte Salles and Victor Pera