OHDSI2022 Tutorial: An Introductory Journey From Data To Evidence

During the 2022 OHDSI Symposium, community leaders taught a full-day tutorial meant to introduce participants to the varying steps along the journey from data to evidence using the OMOP Common Data Model, OHDSI tools and scientific best practices. 

In each 50-minute segment, the class learned the conceptual framing of the problem and approach to the solution. The class had the opportunity to gain hands-on exposure to design and implementation of analyses and interpretation of results. The course was motivated by a real use case:  using observational data to generate evidence about the relationship between an exposure and outcome,

and it highlighted how the suite of OHDSI tools and practices can enable such learning.

This class was designed for newcomers to the OHDSI community who were looking for a high-level summary across a wide range of topics covered within the OHDSI community. It was also designed for those in the OHDSI community who may be focused in one particular area of the journey, but who want exposure to the other areas, so they can better understand how their work contributes to be ‘big picture.’

Videos and slides from the tutorial are all available on this webpage.

Tutorial Materials

1. Overview of the OHDSI Journey:
Where are we going?

Faculty: Patrick Ryan

2. OMOP Common Data Model & Vocabulary/
ETL a source database into OMOP CDM

Faculty: Clair Blacketer, Melanie Philofsky

3. Creating cohort definitions

Faculty: Asieh Golozar

4. Phenotype evaluation

Faculty: Gowtham Rao

5. Characterization

Faculty: Kristin Kostka

6. Estimation

Faculty: Martijn Schuemie

7. Prediction

Faculty: Jenna Reps

8. Where do we go from here?

Faculty: George Hripcsak