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The OHDSI community prides itself on global collaboration through open science. As a virtual community with collaborators on six different continents, we have weekly meetings to present research, share information, and keep each other updated on both current and upcoming projects. We hold these meetings on Tuesdays at 11 am ET in our Microsoft Teams environment. If you don’t have access to this, please fill out this form.

You can learn about our weekly calls, including the upcoming schedule of topics, and see materials (videos/slides/shoutouts) from previous calls by visiting our Community Calls page.

OHDSI has a variety of ongoing projects led by workgroups. Each workgroup has its own leadership team which determines the project’s objectives, goals and artifacts to be contributed to the community. Workgroup participation is open to all who have an interest in contributing to the project objectives and goals. Workgroups may be long-standing, strategic objectives or short-term projects to accomplish a specific need in the community. Each of the workgroups has its own home in the Teams environment, and you can get access to these groups by filling out this form (please note that you must have Teams access first, which is available through the first form linked above).

Please use our Upcoming Workgroup Calls page to see the upcoming schedule of calls (and appropriate links), as well as the standard schedule of calls for each group (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc.).

The weekly update is below. If you missed any previous updates, or are looking for links to past updates or presentations, they are stored on our weekly Community Calls page.

We hope you will bring your talents, interests, curiosity and enthusiasm to OHDSI by joining both our weekly community calls and the workgroups that most interest you. That is how you #JoinTheJourney.

WEEKLY UPDATE • Sept. 21, 2021

The Sept. 21 Community Call welcomed newcomers to OHDSI following the 2021 symposium. Following a brief overview of the OHDSI community and its mission, there was a tour off all the material available on Four community leaders (Clair Blacketer, Paul Nagy, Faaizah Arshad and Dani Prieto-Alhambra) then discussed their roles and what inspires them about the community.


• All video presentations and panels from the main two days of the OHDSI 2021 Global Symposium are now available here. More than 100 posters, demos and lightning talks from the Collaborator Showcase are also now available.

• Congratulations to Sara Khalid, Cynthia Yang, Clair Blacketer, Talita Duarte-Salles, Sergio Fernández-Bertolín, Chungsoo Kim, Rae Woong Park, Jimyung Park, Martijn Schuemie, Anthony Sena, Marc Suchard, Seng ChanYou, Peter Rijnbeek, and Jenna Reps on the publication of “A standardized analytics pipeline for reliable and rapid development and validation of prediction models using observational health data” in Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine.

• Registration is open for a two-day HL7 FHIR/OMOP Workshop. Concepts that will be explored during the workshop include how to build the community and engage participants, reviewing near-term challenges regarding mapping and other issues, and working to establish a collaboration framework for moving forward, including setup of specific subgroups to advance individual use cases. Registration links are available here.

• Paul Nagy provided a recent Grand Rounds presentation on the Johns Hopkins OHDSI community and the road to reproducible research on medical records. That presentation is available here.

Video Presentations

OHDSI Overview (Patrick Ryan)

Tour of the OHDSI website (Craig Sachson)

Meet the Community (Clair Blacketer, Paul Nagy, Faaizah Arshad, Dani Prieto-Alhambra)