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WEEKLY UPDATE • April 6, 2021

The April 6 OHDSI Community Call focused on OHDSI Studies. Leads from six different network studies provided presentations on work happening around the community. Videos/slides from all presentations are available below.

Updates and Shoutouts

• Congratulations to the team of Jimyung Park, Seng Chan You, Eugene Jeong, Chunhua Weng, Dongsu Park, Jin Roh, Dong Yun Lee, Jae Youn Cheong, Jin Wook Choi, Mira Kang, and Rae Woong Park for this recent study in JMIR Informatics: A Framework (SOCRATex) for Hierarchical Annotation of Unstructured Electronic Health Records and Integration Into a Standardized Medical Database: Development and Usability Study.

• Congratulations to the team of Hao Liu, Yuan Chi, Alex Butler, Yingcheng Sun, Chunhua Weng for this study published in the Journal of Biomedical Informatics: A Knowledge Base of Clinical Trial Eligibility Criteria.

• Congratulations to Clair Blacketer, Frank DeFalco, Patrick Ryan and Peter Rijnbeek on this recent preprint posted to MedRxiv: Increasing Trust in Real-World Evidence Through Evaluation of Observational Data Quality. Community feedback is appreciated.

• Patrick Ryan shared this forum post asking for community feedback on the recent FDA/CBER draft master protocol for their COVID-19 vaccine safety surveillance efforts. Leaders of our OHDSI team working with the FDA will collate responses and provide a collective response from the community. Please share all feedback by midnight Wednesday, as public response is due Thursday. You can post to the thread, or in the EUMAEUS channel within the PLE/PLP team.

• The next OHDSI APAC Community Call will be this week and will focus on OMOP Projects. Scheduled presenters will be Yuan Lu (Comprehensive comparative effectiveness and safety of second-line antihypertensive agents: Utilizing the LEGEND principles to mobilize collaboration across the OHDSI APAC network) and Namki Hong (Development of Common Data Model for Rare Endocrine Diseases (REDCDM) platform). More information is available on our OHDSI APAC webpage.

• The April edition of “The Journey” newsletter was posted last week, and links to all of the papers and preprints discussed on the community calls over the last month, as well as updates on OHDSI work with the FDA, the new collaboration with HL7, advances in patient-level prediction, and much more.


Introduction | You | Lane | Torre | Nishimura | Li | Schuemie

Video Presentation

2:10 – Cancer Risk Between H2 Blockers (Seng Chan You)

7:33 – MSKAI- Musculoskeletal adverse events following hormonal treatment for breast cancer: Cohort Diagnostics to establish feasibility (Jenny Lane)

14:15 – Covid-19 pandEmic impacts on mental health Related conditions Via multi-database nEtwork: a LongitutinaL Observational (CERVELLO) study (Carmen Olga-Torre)

19:33 – Alpha-1 blocker for Palliating Inflammatory injury Severity (APIS) study (Aki Nishimura)

25:33 – Calculating the background rates of adverse events of special interest (AESI) for the COVID vaccines (Xintong Li)

33:11 – EUMAEUS – Evaluating Use of Methods for Adverse Event Under Surveillance (Martijn Schuemie)