Weekly OHDSI Digest – January 25, 2021


Weekly Community Call: It was so exciting to see so many new people — as well as our familiar faces, of course — at least week’s Tuesday Community Call at 11 am ET on MSTeams. This Tuesday, leaders from our PLP/PLE, CDM, HADES and Data Quality working groups will provide brief updates on what is currently happening in their groups, as well as objectives and key results planned for 2021.

This should be a great session that provides a feel around several areas of our community. We hope you join us again (or for the first time!). You can use this link for the call, or find it and recordings from previous sessions on our Community Calls page.


OMOP CDM Oncology WG – Genomic Subgroup Meeting: Tuesday, Jan. 26 at 9 am ET (Meeting Link)
Meetings are traditionally scheduled for every Tuesday at 9 am ET.

Medical Devices WG: Thursday, Jan. 28 at 10 am ET (Meeting Link)
Meetings are traditionally scheduled for the fourth Tuesday of each odd month at 11 am ET.

Latin America WG: Thursday, Jan. 28 at 11 am ET (Meeting Link)
Meetings are traditionally scheduled for the fourth Thursday of each month at 11 am ET.

OMOP CDM Oncology WG – CDM/Vocabulary Subgroup Meeting: Thursday, Jan. 28 at 1 pm (Meeting Link)
Meetings are traditionally scheduled for every Thursday at 1 pm ET.


Congratulations to Martijn Schuemie, lead author of this recent study “Quantifying bias in epidemiologic studies evaluating the association between acetaminophen use and cancer” in Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology.

Also, congratulations to both Kristin Kostka and Andrew Williams, co-authors on the “The National COVID Cohort Collaborative: Clinical Characterization and Early Severity Prediction” preprint in MedRxiv. N3C uses the OMOP CDM to standardize the largest COVID-19 cohort in the United States.

Both Christian Reich and Dani Prieto-Alhambra will present a talk entitled “Global Collaboration: COVID-19 research in open data networks” on Feb. 4 at 11 am ET through IQVIA. You can register for this talk here.


Please be aware of these two upcoming deadlines:

Deadline for abstracts for ICPE 2021 is February 12 , while scholarship applications are accepted until March 1 . More information is available here.

Drug Safety invites the submission of original research articles (up to 6000 words) on the Role of Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning in Pharmacovigilance for a themed issue of the journal to be published in 2021. Please submit an abstract describing your proposed paper by April 30 to nitin.joshi@springer.com. Full papers will be invited by May 30 and manuscripts due by August 31 . More information is available here.

Work groups listed on the OHDSI website: OHDSI work groups and meeting links have been added to our website and the page is updated on Mondays. To get a snapshot of the work group meetings for the month, please visit Upcoming Working Group Calls – OHDSI

Accessing MSTeams: OHDSI work group meetings have transitioned to MSTeams. If you attended the 2020 OHDSI Symposium, you are already in the OHDSI teams environment. If you would like to be added to the OHDSI teams environment, please fill out this form: Join OHDSI Teams

If you are already in the OHDSI teams environment and you would like to join work groups in teams, please fill out this form: Join Workgroups, Chapters, and Studies

2020 OHDSI Symposium – Video recordings from the 2020 OHDSI symposium day have been made available here: https://www.ohdsi.org/2020-ohdsi-global-symposium/

2020 APAC Symposium : The six regional breakout session videos (Australia, China, Japan, Korea, Singapore and Taiwan) have all been posted to the APAC Symposium page: https://www.ohdsi.org/2020-ohdsi-apac-symposium/

Please continue to collaborate in our MS Teams environment, check out the OHDSI website and forums, and follow us on all platforms, including Twitter and LinkedIn to get continued updates and information on everything happening in our community.