Weekly OHDSI Digest- January 11, 2021

OHDSI STATEMENT ON COVID-19 OHDSI is committed to doing what it can to support and inform the COVID-19 pandemic response, and will prioritize activities aligned to this effort. As we adjust to the current global situation, the OHDSI community will continue to have our regular Tuesday community calls, as well as our various working group calls. Understandably, some calls could be postponed or cancelled due to issues surrounding COVID-19, so we ask that you continuously check the OHDSI forums, weekly digest and social channels for updated information. OHDSI is a virtual community, so we are equipped to continue collaboration during this challenging time.


OMOP CDM Oncology WG – Genomic Subgroup Meeting: Tuesday, Jan. 12 at 9 am ET (Meeting Link)
Meetings are traditionally scheduled for every Tuesday at 9 am ET.

Natural Language Processing WG: Wednesday, Jan. 13 at 2 pm ET (Meeting Link)
Meetings are traditionally scheduled for the second Wednesday of each month at 2 pm ET.
(this meeting will transition to MS Teams; please look for a new meeting link for February’s meeting)

OMOP CDM Oncology WG – CDM/Vocabulary Subgroup Meeting: Thursday, Jan. 14 at 1 pm (Meeting Link)
Meetings are traditionally scheduled for every Thursday at 1 pm ET.

UK BioBank WG: Friday, Jan. 15 at 3 pm GMT (10 am ET) (Meeting Link)
Meetings are traditionally scheduled for every other Friday at 3 pm GMT.
(this meeting will transition to MS Teams; please look for a new meeting link for the Jan. 29th meeting)


OHDSI Community Call: The OHDSI Community call will be tomorrow, Tuesday, Jan.12 at 11:00am (please note this is the new time for this meeting). Below is the link for the Jan.12 meeting ONLY. We are working on the technical steps to create a recurring meeting that can appear on all of your schedules, and we hope that is in place by the end of next week. In the meantime, please use this link to join:
Community Call Meeting Link- Jan 12

Work groups listed on the OHDSI website: OHDSI work groups and meeting links have been added to our website and the page is updated on Mondays. To get a snapshot of the work group meetings for the month, please visit Upcoming Working Group Calls – OHDSI

Accessing MSTeams: OHDSI work group meetings have transitioned to MSTeams. If you attended the 2020 OHDSI Symposium, you are already in the OHDSI teams environment. If you would like to be added to the OHDSI teams environment, please fill out this form: https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=lAAPoyCRq0q6TOVQkCOy1ZyG6Ud_r2tKuS0HcGnqiQZUQ05MOU9BSzEwOThZVjNQVVFGTDNZRENONiQlQCN0PWcu

If you are already in the OHDSI teams environment and you would like to join work groups in teams, please fill out this form: https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=lAAPoyCRq0q6TOVQkCOy1ZyG6Ud_r2tKuS0HcGnqiQZUOVJFUzBFWE1aSVlLN0ozR01MUVQ4T0RGNyQlQCN0PWcu

2020 OHDSI Symposium – Video recordings from the 2020 OHDSI symposium day have been made available here: https://www.ohdsi.org/2020-ohdsi-global-symposium/

2020 APAC Symposium: The six regional breakout session videos (Australia, China, Japan, Korea, Singapore and Taiwan) have all been posted to the APAC Symposium page: https://www.ohdsi.org/2020-ohdsi-apac-symposium/


Combining Cox Regressions Across a Heterogeneous Distributed Research Network Facing Small and Zero Counts

MJ Schuemie, Y Chen, D Madigan… – arXiv preprint arXiv …, 2021 – arxiv.org

… Such studies provide critical clinical knowledge, especially in settings where randomized trials
prove impractical or overly costly. The recent emergence of distributed research networks, such
as the Observational Health Data Sciences and Informatics ( OHDSI ), (Hripcsak et al …

LIG-Doctor: Efficient patient trajectory prediction using bidirectional minimal gated-recurrent networks

… The data model of InCor follows the OMOP Common Data Model (CDM) [17] to simplify the
exchange and integration with different systems. 3.5. Data characteristics. The InCor dataset
also suffers from a skewed distribution concerning the number of admissions …

Impact of EMA regulatory label changes on hydroxyzine initiation, discontinuation and switching to other medicines in Denmark, Scotland, England and the …

DR Morales, T Macfarlane, TM MacDonald… – … and Drug Safety – Wiley Online Library

… Berencsi K, Sami A, Ali MS, Marinier K, Deltour N, Perez-Guthann S, Pedersen L, Rijnbeek P,
Van der Lei J, Lapi F, Simonetti M, Reyes C, Sturkenboom MCJM, Prieto-Alhambra D. Impact
of risk minimisation measures on the use of strontium ranelate in Europe: a multi-national …

Markov-modulated continuous-time Markov chains to identify site-and branch-specific evolutionary variation in BEAST

…, MS Gill, P BastideP LemeyMA Suchard – Systematic …, 2021 – academic.oup.com

Markov models of character substitution on phylogenies form the foundation of phylogenetic
inference frameworks. Early models made the simplifying assumption that the substitution
process is homogeneous over time and across sites in the molecular sequence alignment …

What happens in Brazil? A pandemic of misinformation that culminates in an endless disease burden

CRB Cardoso, APM Fernandes… – Revista da Sociedade …, 2021 – SciELO Brasil

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