Weekly OHDSI Digest-February 8, 2021


Weekly Community Call:
We are very excited about tomorrow’s OHDSI Community Call (11 am ET), with a focus on “Welcome To The Journey.” While we think it will be useful for everybody, our major goal is to help some of you who are just learning about our community get started on the path towards global collaboration.

As you may have noticed last week, we are continuing to test different methods for setting up and inviting to this meeting. This week, you will need the specific meeting link to access the community call. As always, if you can’t make it, the recordings will be posted to both our Community Calls page and the General OHDSI Teams recordings folder.

We plan to go over both OHDSI.org and the Teams environment, hear from a few of our OHDSI veterans, and open up a session for general Q&A. What do you want to hear about tomorrow? We invite you to submit questions (and upload preferred ones) to this poll before tomorrow’s call. You will also be able to submit questions during the meeting, but this will give us a sense of the most important questions to focus on.

APAC Community Call: Wednesday, Feb 10 at 10 PM EST (Feb 11 at noon Korean Standard Time) APAC Community Call Meeting Link Note: this meeting will transition to MS Teams shortly and is bi-weekly.


OMOP CDM Oncology WG – Genomic Subgroup Meeting: Tuesday, Feb 9. at 9 am ET (Meeting Link) Meetings are traditionally scheduled for every Tuesday at 9 am ET.

OMOP CDM Oncology WG – CDM/Vocabulary Subgroup Meeting: Thursday, Feb. 11 at 1 pm ET: (Meeting Link) Meetings are traditionally scheduled for every Thursday at 1 pm ET.

Natural Language Processing WG: Wednesday, Feb. 10 at 2 pm ET ( Meeting Link )
Meetings are traditionally scheduled for the second Wednesday of each month at 2 pm ET.

China Chapter WG: Friday, Feb. 12 at 10 am ET (Meeting Link)
Meetings are traditionally scheduled for the second Friday of each month at 10 am ET. Note: this meeting does not take place in MSTeams.


Congratulations to the team of Edward Burn, Cristian Tebé, Sergio Fernandez-Bertolin, Maria Aragon, Martina Recalde, Elena Roel, Albert Prats-Uribe, Daniel Prieto-Alhambra & Talita Duarte-Salles for this study: The natural history of symptomatic COVID-19 during the first wave in Catalonia, published in Nature Communications.

Also, congratulations to the team of Jenna Reps, Peter Rijnbeek, Alana Cuthbert, Patrick Ryan, Nicole Pratt and Martijn Schuemie for this study: An empirical analysis of dealing with patients who are lost to follow‑up when developing prognostic models using a cohort design, published in BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making.

Sarah Seager recently posted a job opening for an OMOP Data Scientist at IQVIA. Check out the full job description (and application link) here.


We are excited to announce that the 2021 OHDSI Symposium dates will be September 12-15, 2021. Please hold the date and stay tuned for more information and updates as we plan for another rewarding symposium!

Please be aware of these two upcoming deadlines:

• Deadline for abstracts for ICPE 2021 is THIS FRIDAY, February 12 , while scholarship applications are accepted until March 1 . More information is available here.

• Drug Safety invites the submission of original research articles (up to 6000 words) on the Role of Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning in Pharmacovigilance for a themed issue of the journal to be published in 2021. Please submit an abstract describing your proposed paper by April 30 to nitin.joshi@springer.com. Full papers will be invited by May 30 and manuscripts due by August 31 . More information is available here.

Work groups listed on the OHDSI website: OHDSI work groups and meeting links have been added to our website and the page is updated on Mondays. To get a snapshot of the work group meetings for the month, please visit Upcoming Working Group Calls – OHDSI

Accessing MSTeams : OHDSI work group meetings have transitioned to MSTeams. If you attended the 2020 OHDSI Symposium, you are already in the OHDSI teams environment. If you would like to be added to the OHDSI teams environment, please fill out this form: Join OHDSI Teams

If you are already in the OHDSI teams environment and you would like to join work groups in teams, please fill out this form: Join Workgroups, Chapters, and Studies

2020 OHDSI Symposium: To access the 2020 OHDSI Symposium on our website, please click: 2020 OHDSI Global Symposium – OHDSI

2020 APAC Symposium: to access the 2020 APAC Symposium, please click here:
2020 OHDSI APAC Symposium – OHDSI

Please continue to collaborate in our MS Teams environment, check out the OHDSI website and forums, and follow us on all platforms, including Twitter and LinkedIn to get continued updates and information on everything happening in our community.