Weekly OHDSI Digest – August 14, 2023


Please join our Aug. 15 (11 am ET) community call for a session focused on the Next Steps for HowOften. During the 2023 OHDSI Global Symposium, there will be a full session on HowOften, which was discussed during the June 20 community call (watch that talk here). In order to set ourselves up for success during that October weekend, there is early work that needs to be done.

Everybody is invited. Calendar invites went out last week. If you did not receive one, please use this link to join the meeting. All recordings from these weekly calls are available within our Teams environment and will be posted on both our YouTube page and our OHDSI.org Community Calls page.


Upcoming Workgroup Calls – OHDSI


Research from the 2023 Europe Symposium is now available on OHDSI.org. Posters from the recent Collaborator Showcase in Rotterdam can now be viewed on the Europe Symposium Showcase homepage. Research is also being shared daily on OHDSI’s LinkedIn and Twitter feeds as part of the #OHDSISocialShowcase. Below are posters (with study leads) featured this week:

Monday – Interpretable decision rules for patient-level prediction with EXPLORE (Aniek Markus)

Tuesday – Characteristics and outcomes of over a million inflammatory bowel disease subjects in seven countries: a multinational cohort study (Chen Yanover)

Wednesday – Generating Synthetic Data from OMOP-CDM databases for Health Applications (Alberto Labarga)

Thursday – Building a European cancer OMOP network in hospitals with limited OMOP experience using tiered and modular protocolised research (Piers Mahon)

Friday – Multi-site Cost-effectiveness and Markov Chain analysis of heart failure (Markus Haug)

• Titan Award nominations are now open. To recognize OHDSI collaborators (or collaborating institutions) for their contributions towards OHDSI’s mission, the OHDSI Titan Awards were introduced at the 2018 Symposium and have been handed out at the U.S./Global Symposium each year since. You can nominate a community member for a 2023 Titan Award now; the deadline is Sept. 15, 2023.

• The OHDSI Global Symposium will host our first ever ‘OHDSI Got Talent’ event. As with the popular television series, we will have a series of contestants perform 4-6 minute routines to showcase their talent, and a panel of judges will share their thoughts on what they have seen. The OHDSI community will vote for their favorite and we will crown a winner! Do you sing or play a musical instrument? Do you dance? Can you do magic or comedy? Do you have some other unique skill that you can demonstrate in 6 minutes or less? We want to see it! If you are interested in participating, please fill out this form. The deadline to submit this form is 8pm ET on Friday, September 22; you will be notified of your acceptance by Friday, September 29.

• The new Community Dashboard is now available on OHDSI.org. The dashboard includes tracking sites for publicationsYouTube videosEHDEN Academy coursesnetwork studiesthe phenotype explorer, and opportunities.

HADES Development Announcements

• Martijn Schuemie announced the release of SqlRender 1.15.2. This contains a minor bugfix for DuckDB (that was causing DatabaseConnector’s unit tests to fail).


The 2023 OHDSI Global Symposium will be held Oct. 20-22 at the NEW location of the Hilton East Brunswick Hotel & Executive Meeting Center in East Brunswick, N.J. Below are all the critical links you will need for the weekend.

Register | Weekend Agenda | Collaborator Showcase Details | Book a Hotel Sleeping Room

Full Weekend Timeline | Weekend Activities Details | Register for OHDSI Got Talent!

2023 Titan Award Nomination Form

Please note that the weekend activity sign-ups are located on the main registration link above


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