OHDSI Network Study Updates
Presented During April Community Call

Six OHDSI network studies were presented during an April community call to both inform the community about global research efforts (either ongoing or recently completed), as well as call for collaborators to join in these important research projects.

These 6-minute updates were recorded and posted to the OHDSI YouTube channel, and all presentations are available below.

A full recording of all six study updates is available here. You can find  recordings from all community call presentations here.

Cancer Risk Between H2 Blockers
(Seng Chan You)

MSKAI- Musculoskeletal adverse events following hormonal treatment for breast cancer: Cohort Diagnostics to establish feasibility (Jenny Lane)

Covid-19 pandEmic impacts on mental health Related conditions Via multi-database nEtwork: a LongitutinaL Observational (CERVELLO) study (Carmen Olga-Torre)

Alpha-1 blocker for Palliating Inflammatory injury Severity (APIS) study (Aki Nishimura)

Calculating the background rates of adverse events of special interest (AESI) for the COVID vaccines (Xintong Li)

EUMAEUS – Evaluating Use of Methods for Adverse Event Under Surveillance
(Martijn Schuemie)