OHDSI Community Calls

Everybody is invited to the weekly OHDSI community call, which takes place each Tuesday at 11 am ET. These calls are meant to inform and engage our community through a variety of call formats, including community presentations, working group updates, breakout sessions, focus topics, newcomer-focused sessions, and more. The upcoming schedule is available to the right.

Use this link to get to the weekly meeting.

Videos and slides from previous calls will be posted below. Both videos and slides from community calls prior to 2021 remain available.

The Jan. 19 OHDSI Community Call featured three breakout sessions, focused on: 1) Establishing conventions for expanded use cases of the OMOP CDM (moderated by Sonia Araujo); 2) Methods research opportunities in patient-level predictions (moderated by Jenna Reps and Peter Rijnbeek); and 3) Phenotype development and evaluation (moderated by Juan Banda and Gowtham Rao). Videos of each breakout will be posted shortly. Shoutouts and updates from the week: Congratulations to Elena Roel, Talita Duarte-Salles and the entire CHARYBDIS team on this latest preprint, Characteristics and outcomes of 118,155 COVID-19 individuals with a history of cancer in the United States and Spain. The team is seeking community feedback, so please read it and offer your insights. Talita also authored a chapter on the SIDIAP database in this new book, Databases for Pharmacoepidemiological Research. Great work by our 2020 Titan Award recipient for Community Collaboration! The EHDEN Consortium recently released a new tool, CdmInspection, an R Package to support quality control inspection of an OMOP-CDM instance. Congrats to everybody involved in this work! The EHDEN Academy launched two new courses in late December, Population-Level Effect Estimation and Patient-Level Prediction. Learn more about the EHDEN Academy here, or join us for our Feb. 16 call, which will be focused on the EHDEN Consortium. If you want to become more involved in EHDEN work (or you know somebody who could be interested), there is a software developer position open on Peter Rijnbeek’s team. Learn more about the position and get the application link here Breakout Session Videos Establishing conventions for expanded use cases of the OMOP CDM (Moderator: Sonia Araujo) Methods research opportunities in patient-level prediction (Moderators: Jenna Reps and Peter Rijnbeek) Phenotype development and evaluation (Moderators: Juan Banda and Gowtham Rao)

The first OHDSI community call of 2021 was led by Patrick Ryan, who discussed setting objectives and key results in an effort to better align the community towards targeted goals in 2021. The full video presentation is below the shoutout links, while the associated slides are available here.

Shoutouts From This Week: Four papers associated with our community were highlighted in our new “Weekly Shoutouts.” They are below:

Common Problems, Common Data Model Solutions: Evidence Generation for Health Technology Assessment

Renin–angiotensin system blockers and susceptibility to COVID-19: an international, open science, cohort analysis

Risk of depression, suicide and psychosis with hydroxychloroquine treatment for rheumatoid arthritis: a multinational network cohort study

Extending the OMOP Common Data Model and Standardized Vocabularies to Support Observational Cancer Research

Also, George Hripcsak thanked the community for input on the FDA protocol and noted how appreciative the FDA was about our efforts, and Kees van Bochove shared about an upcoming effort to study the natural disease history of prostate cancer. Look for more information to come about that effort!