OHDSI APAC - Our Asia-Pacific Community

OHDSI is a global, multi-stakeholder, interdisciplinary and open-science network that collaborates to bring out the value of health data through large-scale analytics. Our Asia-Pacific (APAC) community comprises six regional chapters (Australia, China, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan) and has led important OHDSI initiatives around the world.

The 2021 OHDSI Symposium was held Nov. 18, 2021, and it featured a set of morning presentations, which are available to the right. These presentations focused on the State of the Global and APAC Community, the EHDEN Consortium and the FHIR/OHDSI collaboration.

The afternoon featured several collaborative activities, including study sessions, workgroup meetings and a collaborator showcase.

2021 APAC Symposium Presentations

The first OHDSI APAC Symposium was held virtually Dec. 5-6, 2020, and it provided an opportunity for our Asia-Pacific collaborators (along with others around the world) to share research, provide community updates, collaborate in regional breakouts or network discussions, and have some OHDSI fun.

The APAC community has its own group in the OHDSI MS Teams environment to promote greater collaboration on our collaborative efforts. It will also be the home of our bi-weekly APAC Community Calls, where we will provide updates, share research presentations, collaborate on topics of shared interest, and plenty more. How can you get involved? First, request access to our MS Teams Environment, then request access to our OHDSI APAC workgroup. You can also join the meetings by using this direct link.

Our calls are scheduled on a bi-weekly basis, held every other Thursday/Wednesday depending on where you live. All calls are recorded, so if you miss one or want to share with a collaborator, check out the call recordings below.   

2021 APAC ETL Training Tutorial: The APAC community led a two-day ETL training tutorial August 12-13, 2021. It included seven sessions (Introduction to ETL & Source Data Analysis, Vocabulary Mapping Part I, Vocabulary Mapping Part II, ETL Specification Writing, ETL Specification Review, Common Issues in ETL Conversion and OMOP ETL Development, and Data Quality Checks). You can watch all of the recordings now on the tutorial homepage.

Jan. 12 APAC Community Call

Topics of Discussion:

  1. Welcome Back & 2021 Summaries
  2. 2022 APAC & Chapter Goals
  3. 2022 OHDSI Global: Where Should We Go And How Should We Get There?

Next Community Call: Jan. 27 (CDM Workshop)

Meeting Slides

Video Presentation

Symposium Review and Presentations

• OHDSI News (Slides)
• Study discussion 

    • Real world safety of treatments for multiple sclerosis – by Nicole Pratt (Slides)
    • Quality assessment of CDM databases across the OHDSI-AP network – by Chungsoo Kim (Slides)

• OHDSI Holiday Surprise

Symposium Review and Presentations

• APAC Symposium Review – by Jing Li • Slides

• Characterization of non-communicable diseases – by Seng Chan You

• Comparison of mortality, morbidities & healthcare resources utilization between patients with and without a diagnosis of COVID-19 – by Eric Wan • Slides

OHDSI APAC Symposium

Morning Presentations

Activity update for Data Standardization in Japan (Professor Yoshihiro Aoyagi)


OHDSI APAC Symposium Preview & LEGEND Initiative


The Oct. 7 APAC Community Call will feature a trio of tutorials to assist in OHDSI Network Research. 

• PHOEBE (Anna Ostropolets)
• Cohort Diagnostics (Gowtham Rao)
• ATC Hierarchy (Christian Reich) 


The Sept. 23 APAC Community Call focused on the new OHDSI Center at the Roux Institute. Kristin Kostka, Director of the OHDSI Center, provided a presentation and then answered questions. 

There were two presentations during the OHDSI2021 Global Symposium that can provide more context on the OHDSI Center. David Madigan, Provost of Northeastern University, introduced the OHDSI Reproducibility Service during the Day 4 Plenary Session, while Kostka gave an oral presentation on the OHDSI Center as part of the Collaborator Showcase lightning talks. 

Video Presentation

The Sept. 9 APAC Community Call featured the following OHDSI workgroup updates: Oncology, Psychiatry, UK Biobank/Registry, EHR

Video Presentation

The August 26 APAC Community Call featured two presentations on OHDSI Network Studies.

1) Best practices/How to run network study packages with no internet connection (presentation by Sathappan Selva Muthu Kumaran, National University of Singapore)

2) Sharing our experience and preliminary results from on-going international OHDSI study (presentation by Prof. Seng Chan You – Korea University)

Kumarin | You

Video Presentation

The August 10 Community Call featured a preview of the 2021 OHDSI Global Symposium, which will be held virtually Sept. 12-15. The full presentation is below, but registrations opened for the Sunday tutorial, Monday workshop, and the main symposium on Tuesday and Wednesday. Links and agenda are below:

Sunday, September 12:  Building Conceptsets Tutorial
Please check out our Conceptsets Tutorial homepage and note the limitations on registration so be sure to sign up soon!

Monday, September 13: OHDSI Reproducibility Challenge Workshop
Please check out our OHDSI Reproducibility Challenge Workshop homepage and note the limitations on registration for workshop collaborators; there is no registration limit for workshop observers.

Tuesday, September 14:
8 am – 9 am ET: State of the Community
9 am – 12 pm ET: Plenary session “OHDSI Impact on Covid-19 pandemic”
1 pm – 5 pm ET: Collaborator Showcase
5 pm ET: Networkin

Wednesday, September 15:
3 am – 7 am ET: Collaborator Showcase
8 am – 12 pm ET: Plenary “Generating Reliable Evidence”
1 pm ET: Networking

Helpful links:
• Main Symposium Registration
• Titan Award Nominations
• Who am I? Name that Collaborator! (google.com)

Video Presentation

The July 29 APAC community call featured a presentation on our EUMAEUS (Evaluating Use of Methods for Adverse Event Under Surveillance) study. Topics and presenters for this presentation are below

  • Literature Review (Lana Lai, Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Manchester)
  • Overview of the EUMAEUS Experiment Design (Marc Suchard, Professor, Department of Biomathematics, UCLA)
  • Bias, Precision and Timeliness of Historical Rate Comparison Methods (Xintong Li, DPhil Candidate, University of Oxford)
  • Combining Methods in a Safety Surveillance System (Faaizah Arshad, Undergraduate, UCLA)
  • Estimating for Two-Dose Vaccines (Ty Stanford, Data Analyst/Bioinformatician, University of South Australia)
  • Comparison of Performance Across Methods (Martijn Schuemie, Research Fellow, Epidemiology Analytics, Janssen Research and Development)

Video Presentation

Discussion of the Aug. 12-13 ETL Tutorial 
• Singapore Regional Update
• Seng Chan You presented on “An Introduction to the OMOP Oncology Module”

Video Presentation

Topic: Regional Updates / Mid-Year Review

Speakers: Seng Chan You, Hua Xu, Tatsuo Hiramatsu, Jason C. Hsu, Roger Ward


Topic: OMOP Project – Applying the OMOP CDM to Hepatobiliary Clinical Research Database at Zhongshan

Speaker: Lei Liu


Topic: OHDSI APAC Network Research

Byungkon Kang: Automated terminology mapping via deep learning-based semantic matching | SLIDES

Ty Stanford: LEGEND Shiny App | SLIDES

Theme – 10-Minute Tutorials


Introduction (Mui Van Zandt)

White Rabbit (Xialin Wang)

USAGI (Seng Chan You)

Data Quality Dashboard (Selva Muthu Kumaran Sathappan) due to technical issues, this ended prior to the finish

Theme – Collaborator Showcase Presentation

Meeting contents include:
• OHDSI Updates
• Dr. Anton van der Vegt – Australian real-world research infrastructure pilot (Slides)
• Mui Van Zandt – OHDSI CDM 5.4 Changes

Video Presentations

Dr. Anton van der Vegt 

Mui Van Zandt

Regional Updates

(full video presentation below summary)

• Nationwide Korean administrative claim data (HIRA)  has been mapped to OMOP-CDM ranging 2010 to 2019 for entire Korean population
• More Korean hospitals including three hospitals in Yonsei University Health System (Severance; Gangnam Severance; Yongin Severance hospital) joined OHDSI with available OMOP-CDM v5.3.1 databases

• Organization change with 3 directions – Training and engagement, Methods and tools, and Clinical studies
• Vocabulary update: mapping local concepts to ICD-10-CN and SNOMED, and ICD-10-CN 6-digit to SNOMED

• Going to start a mapping project for drugs

• OHDSI Taiwan Official website currently under development
• Joined APAC Hypertension study and will join CORAZON study

• Upcoming 2021 ODHSI Australia Webinar Series – CaVa: Populating the OMOP oncology extension directly from clinical data

• Ministry of Health in Singapore will adopt OMOP methodologies for real-world studies


Topic – ODHSI APAC OMOP Projects

• Assistant Professor Yuan Lu: Comprehensive comparative effectiveness and safety of second-line antihypertensive agents: Utilizing the LEGEND principles to mobilize collaboration across the OHDSI APAC network

Professor Namki Hong: Development of Common Data Model for Rare Endocrine Diseases (REDCDM) platform


Yuan Lu

Namki Hong

Topic – ODHSI APAC Network Research

Dr. Lei Feng: Treatment Patterns and Risk of Switch to Mania in Bipolar Depressive Patients Treated with Antidepressants: A real world study using the OHDSI Network




Theme – Collaborator Showcase

Meeting contents included the following OHDSI presentations:

• Ty Stanford – Mapping to standardized vocabularies: a process for medicine codes in Australia

• Jason Hsu and Alex Aguyen – Introduction of Taipei Medical University Clinical Research Database; TMUCDR – OHDSI CDM Mapping Progress


Stanford | Hsu/Aguyen


Ty Stanford

Jason Hsu

Theme: Welcome To OHDSI

Meeting contents included:
• Patrick Ryan and Mui Van Zandt introduce the OHDSI community and OHDSI APAC
• OHDSI experience sharing from 3 APAC collaborators
• Q&A from the audience


Theme: Kickoff & 2021 Goals

Meeting contents included: 
• Introductions to OHDSI APAC community calls
• Introductions to each of the 6 OHDSI APAC chapters
• 2021 OKR goals of OHDSI APAC

View The Presentation Slides