OHDSI APAC - Our Asia-Pacific Community

OHDSI is a global, multi-stakeholder, interdisciplinary and open-science network that collaborates to bring out the value of health data through large-scale analytics. Our Asia-Pacific (APAC) community comprises six regional chapters (Australia, China, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan) and has led important OHDSI initiatives around the world.

The first OHDSI APAC Symposium was held virtually Dec. 5-6, 2020, and it provided an opportunity for our Asia-Pacific collaborators (along with others around the world) to share research, provide community updates, collaborate in regional breakouts or network discussions, and have some OHDSI fun.

The APAC community has its own group in the OHDSI MS Teams environment to promote greater collaboration on our collaborative efforts. It will also be the home of our bi-weekly APAC Community Calls, where we will provide updates, share research presentations, collaborate on topics of shared interest, and plenty more. How can you get involved? First, request access to our MS Teams Environment, then request access to our OHDSI APAC workgroup. You can also join the meetings by using this direct link.

Our calls are scheduled on a bi-weekly basis, held every other Thursday/Wednesday depending on where you live. All calls are recorded, so if you miss one or want to share with a collaborator, check out the call recordings below. 

Topic – ODHSI APAC OMOP Projects

• Assistant Professor Yuan Lu: Comprehensive comparative effectiveness and safety of second-line antihypertensive agents: Utilizing the LEGEND principles to mobilize collaboration across the OHDSI APAC network

Professor Namki Hong: TBA

Topic – ODHSI APAC Network Research

Dr. Lei Feng: Treatment Patterns and Risk of Switch to Mania in Bipolar Depressive Patients Treated with Antidepressants: A real world study using the OHDSI Network




Theme – Collaborator Showcase

Meeting contents included the following OHDSI presentations:

• Ty Stanford – Mapping to standardized vocabularies: a process for medicine codes in Australia

• Jason Hsu and Alex Aguyen – Introduction of Taipei Medical University Clinical Research Database; TMUCDR – OHDSI CDM Mapping Progress


Stanford | Hsu/Aguyen


Ty Stanford

Jason Hsu

Theme: Welcome To OHDSI

Meeting contents included:
• Patrick Ryan and Mui Van Zandt introduce the OHDSI community and OHDSI APAC
• OHDSI experience sharing from 3 APAC collaborators
• Q&A from the audience


Theme: Kickoff & 2021 Goals

Meeting contents included: 
• Introductions to OHDSI APAC community calls
• Introductions to each of the 6 OHDSI APAC chapters
• 2021 OKR goals of OHDSI APAC

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