Satoshi Ueno


Satoshi Ueno, PhD
Senior Researcher, Center for Public Health Informatics
National Institute of Public Health

Satoshi Ueno is Chief Senior Researcher at the Center for Public Health Informatics at the National Institute of Public Health. He has been involved in clinical research as a clinical data manager and clinical research associate since 2004, and has carried out basic research in molecular biology and biochemistry since 2006. Satoshi has worked in academia, national institutes, national centers, and a global contract research organization in Japan. He holds a master’s degree and a doctoral degree in biological science from the University of Tsukuba.

Satoshi has been a CDISC Working Group CDASH team member since 2018. He is also a CDISC Authorized Instructor. Satoshi focuses on how to utilize medical and health information using the standards and know-how developed by CDISC, OHDSI, etc