Polina Talapova


Polina Talapova, MD, PhD
Team Lead, SciForce Medical Team
SciForce Ukraine

Polina Talapova is the lead of the Medical Team at SciForce, based in Ukraine. As a medical doctor with a PhD in pathology, Dr. Talapova has made significant contributions to the OHDSI Vocabulary team. Since 2017, Talapova has played a key role in developing mappings and machinery for an extensive list of medical terminologies, including ICD9CM, ICDs, LOINC, ATC, CPT4, HCPCS, NCCD, CVX, OMOP Extension, LPDs and more. Her most notable work centers on the improvement of Condition, Measurement, and Drug domains.

Dr. Talapova is an active member of various working groups within OHDSI, including Vocabulary, Psychiatry, Vaccine, GIS, CDM, and THEMIS. Her extensive experience in ontology engineering, ETL and semantic mapping has led to the development of numerous validity checks and the authoring of substantial OHDSI Vocabulary documentation.

Currently, Dr. Talapova serves as an external contributor and provides consultations on OMOP CDM and Standardized Vocabularies. She continues to share her knowledge and contributes to the quality improvement of OHDSI vocabularies, as well as to the development of new terminologies.