Peter Rijnbeek

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Peter Rijnbeek

Peter Rijnbeek, PhD
Associate Professor Health Data Science
Erasmus University Medical Center

Peter Rijnbeek, PhD, obtained his MSc (1996) in Electrical Engineering at the Technical University Delft. His PhD thesis, received from the Erasmus University Rotterdam, was on the development of a computer program to automatically interpret pediatric electrocardiograms. He is Assistant Professor at the Erasmus University Medical Center in Rotterdam where he is leading the health data science group at the Department of Medical Informatics (

His research interests include computerized analysis of the electrocardiogram, pattern recognition, machine learning and predictive modeling using clinical data. He had a leading role in several large European projects related to secondary use of health care database. He is co-leading the European Health Data and Evidence Network project funded by the European Commission that aims to standardize a large amount of databases to the OMOP-CDM in the upcoming 5 years and create a high quality European data network. Peter is the coordinator of the European OHDSI chapter that organizes a yearly symposium ( that supports the adoption of the OMOP-CDM.

In OHDSI he is co-leading the Patient-Level Prediction working group together with Jenna Reps that built a framework on top of the OMOP-CDM for large-scale development and validation of prediction models across the world (

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