Michel Dumontier

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Michel Dumontier

Michel Dumontier, PhD
Associate Professor of Medicine (Biomedical Informatics)
Stanford University School of Medicine
Web Site: http://dumontierlab.com/

Michel Dumontier is an Associate Professor of Medicine (Biomedical Informatics) at Stanford University. His research focuses on the development of computational methods to understand of how living systems respond to chemical agents. At the core of the research program is the development and use of Semantic Web technologies to formally represent and reason about data and services so as to facilitate the publishing, sharing and discovery of scientific knowledge to enable the evaluation scientific hypotheses pertaining to the structure, function and behavior of living systems. Dr. Dumontier serves as a co-chair for the World Wide Web Consortium Semantic Web for Health Care and Life Sciences Interest Group (W3C HCLSIG) and is the Scientific Director for Bio2RDF, a widely recognized open-source project to create and provide Linked Data for life sciences.

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