Maksym Trofymenko


Maksym Trofymenko, MD
Data Scientist, Ontology Engineer, SciForce Medical Team
SciForce Ukraine

Maksym Trofymenko serves as a Data Scientist and Ontology Engineer with the SciForce Medical Team in Ukraine. His medical background, coupled with his expertise in data science, has led him to work with the OHDSI Vocabulary team, where he started his journey and now continues to make independent external contributions to OMOP Vocabularies.

In his specialized role, Dr. Trofymenko has been instrumental in developing and working with terminologies such as PPI, OncoTree, CPT4, and ICD10CM. He has successfully developed structural mapping of Ukrainian healthcare data to the OMOP format, a vital step in the future integration and standardization of healthcare data in Ukraine with global standards.
Dr. Trofymenko’s work also includes his active participation in the development of vocabulary quality assessment. This showcases his dedication to improving the precision and dependability of medical vocabularies. He is an active member of the GIS working group, where he focuses on terminology for hazardous exposures.