Jill Hardin


Jill Hardin, MS, PhD
Associate Director, Epidemiology Analytics Epidemiology
Janssen Research and Development

Jill Hardin is an Associate Directory, Epidemiology Analytics Epidemiology at Janssen Research and Development, a Johnson & Johnson company. Her area of expertise includes epidemiologic analysis of patient populations in various therapeutic areas using observational claims and EHR data. Recently she has been working in the areas of pediatric and maternal health. At OHDSI she is leading a research study which aims to develop risk models using data sets in the OMOP Common Data Model format for prediction of preterm birth.

Jill received an undergraduate degree in Chemistry from the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth, a Masters of Business Administration from Santa Clara University, and a Master of Science and PhD in Epidemiology from University of California, Berkeley. Prior to Janssen R&D, Jill worked in the pharmaceutical industry in various roles, ranging from working in the areas of synthetic organic chemistry, high throughput screening, and software and database development prior to obtaining her PhD. After graduating she did her postdoctoral work in genetic epidemiology at UCSF and then returned to the pharmaceutical industry working at Gilead and Amgen prior to joining the Janssen team.