Jason Hsu


Jason C. Hsu
Associate Professor, International PhD Program in Biotech and Healthcare Management, College of Management
Taipei Medical University, Taiwan

Jason C. Hsu Ph.D. is an Associate Professor at International Ph.D. Program in Biotech and Healthcare Management in Taipei Medical University (TMU) in Taiwan, and he is also the Director in Clinical Data Center, Office of Data Science at TMU, the Director in Research Center of Data Science on Healthcare Industry, College of Management at TMU, and the Director in Clinical Big Data Research Center at Taipei Medical University Hospital. He is also a member of the OHDSI Taiwan Chapter.

Jason specializes in clinical data analysis and precision pharmacotherapy, and he is skilled in using multiple big data and scientific research methods such as statistics, economics, and artificial intelligence to carry out research on disease management (precision medicine, disease burden, epidemiology and health inequality), drug management (precision treatment, product value assessment, prescription behavior and drug utilization) and policy management (health insurance drug payment policy and budget impact analysis).

Prior to joining TMU, Jason was a Fulbright research fellow and a postdoctoral researcher focusing on Pharmaceutical Policy Research at Department of Population Medicine in Harvard Medical School (HMS) in USA. He was also a faculty at School of Pharmacy and Institute of Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, College of Medicine in National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) in Taiwan.

Jason received his Bachelor degree in Pharmacy from Taipei Medical University (TMU), his Master of Science degree in Technology Management from National Tsing Hua University (NTHU) and his Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in International Business from National Taiwan University (NTU).