Charles Bailey

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Charles Bailey, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania
Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Charles Bailey is a pediatric oncologist and clinical informatician at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. His informatics work is grounded in the proposition that the quality of pediatric health care, and the overall health of children, can be improved by intelligent use of clinical and research information. His particular focus is on overcoming barriers to use of electronic health records and similar clinical data as building blocks of a pediatric learning health care system. Currently, their use is limited by technical factors such as differences in data models and the lack of pathways to securely retrieve and analyze data, and cultural factors, such as new ways in which clinicians and health systems interact with electronic health records.

Dr. Bailey serves as the lead investigator for the Data Coordinating Center of PEDSnet, a collaboration across pediatric academic centers to provide a standardized model for clinical data that are accessible for observational research and clinical trials as part of the PCORnet national research network. Other work includes development of pediatric quality measures using electronic records and using clinical data to improve outcomes for children with complex diseases. In each of these areas, understanding the characteristics of clinical information and improving the interoperability of data are critical steps in reaching valid conclusions.

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