Anna Ostropolets

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Anna Ostropolets, MD
PhD Student
Columbia University Department of Biomedical Informatics

Anna Ostropolets is a PhD Student at the Department of Biomedical Informatics of Columbia University. She is working with George Hripcsak on applying observational health data to real-world clinical problems. Anna has been a member of the OHDSI Vocabulary Team since 2016, contributing to OMOP Vocabularies development and maintenance with the main focus in Drug Domain.

Anna received her medical degree in Kharkiv National Medical University and completed her Internal Medicine residency in the Pulmonology department. Before joining Columbia, she worked as a Data Analyst in Odysseus Data Services, with a full stack of tasks related to ETL, from data analysis vocabulary standardization to observational studies on transformed data.

The Medical Deconfounder: Assessing Treatment Effect with Electronic Health Records (EHRs). L Zhang, Y Wang, A Ostropolets, JJ Mulgrave, DM Blei, G Hripcsak arXiv preprint arXiv:1904.02098

A community-driven accelerator from Precision Medicine research to bedside applications. I Drakos et al., OHDSI Symposium 2019

Combining the ATC Drug Classification System with the RxNorm Drug Nomenclature into a comprehensive Drug Ontology: Challenges and Achievements. A Ostropolets, H Abedtash, P Rijnbeek, O Marushchak, C Reich. OHDSI Symposium 2019

Concept Heterogeneity in the OHDSI Network. A Ostropolets et al. OHDSI symposium 2019

Investigating female-male differences in risk factors for myocardial infarction using OHDSI tools. A Ostropolets, L Zhang, JJ Mulgrave, G Hripcsak. AMIA Annual Symposium 2019

An OMOP-based tool for surveying and visualizing concurrent drug exposure and renal function. B Skov Kaas-Hansen et al., OHDSI Symposium Europe 2019

SNOMED Extension – filling gaps for mapping conditions. D Dymshyts, A Ostropolets, C Reich, R Belenkaya. OHDSI Symposium Europe 2018

Comprehensive procedure hierarchy. D Dymshyts, A Ostropolets, C Reich, V Huser. OHDSI Symposium Europe 2018

Improvement of cancer diagnosis representation in OMOP CDM. D Dymshyts, A Ostropolets, C Reich, R Belenkaya, M Gurley. OHDSI Symposium 2018

Variability of Drug Attributes in the US Market (RxNorm) compared to selection of Worldwide Market (RxNorm Extension). D Dymshyts, A Ostropolets, C Reich. OHDSI Symposium 2017

International RxNorm Extension – to support the expansion of the OHDSI research network beyond the US.
D Dymshyts, A Ostropolets, C Reich. OHDSI Symposium 2016