Alexander Davydov

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Alexander Davydov

Alexander Davydov, MD
Technical Team Lead
Odysseus Data Services

Alexander Davydov is the Technical Team Lead for the Medical Vocabulary team in Odysseus Data Services. Alex and his team play an essential role in supporting the OMOP Standardized Vocabulary development forOHDSI, as well as the vocabulary needs in the OMOP CDM ETL-project-related mapping activities. Before joining OHDSI in 2018, he worked as a Clinical Microbiologist. He is a fully registered physician and obtained his Medical Doctor degree as well as his Doctor of Philosophy training from Belarusian State Medical University, Minsk, Belarus. Alexander Davydov has collected extensive experience in the OMOP CDM conventions, particularly around the proper use of the vocabularies. Alex contributed to the CDM/Vocabulary, Vaccine vocabulary, Registry (formerly UK Biobank), ATC, and Oncology working groups.