Network Study Leads Provide Updates, Calls For Collaboration During November Community Call

Six OHDSI network studies were presented during a November 2021 community call to both inform the community about global research efforts (either ongoing or recently completed), as well as call for collaborators to join in these important research projects.

These brief updates were recorded and posted to the OHDSI YouTube channel, and all presentations are available below.

Prognostic Significance of Liver Metastasis in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

(Asieh Golozar)

Redefining Polypharmacy: A Longitudinal Study in Routinely Collected Data

(Leena Elhussein)

Health Equity Research Assessment (HERA) Characterization

(Noémie Elhadad)

Assessing Health Equity in Mental Healthcare Delivery Using a Federated Network
Research Model

(Jacob Zelko)

Long COVID Phenotyping and Vaccine Effectiveness Methods

(Annika Jodicke and Kristin Kostka)

Adverse Events of Special Interest within COVID-19 Subjects

(Erica Voss)