Network Study Leads Share Updates, Calls For Collaboration During May 2022 Community Call

Six OHDSI network studies were presented during a May 2022 community call to both inform the community about global research efforts (either ongoing or recently completed), as well as call for collaborators to join in these important research projects.

These brief updates were recorded and posted to the OHDSI YouTube channel, and all presentations are available below. You can also access slides above each of the video presentations.

If you are interested in collaborating, please reach out to the presenter on Teams or within the OHDSI forums.

IBD characterization

Presenter: Chen Yanover

Real world safety of treatments for multiple sclerosis

Presenter: Nicole Pratt

Applying the Decentralized Generalized Linear Mixed Effects Model (dGEM) for Hospital Profiling of COVID-19 Mortality Data across OHDSI Network

Presenter: Jessie Tong

Characterization of Health by OHDSI Asia-Pacific chapter to identify Temporal Effect of the Pandemic (CHAPTER) Study

Presenter: Seng Chan You

Comparison of mortality, morbidities & healthcare resources utilization between patients with and without a diagnosis of COVID-19

Presenter: Ivan Lam

Quality assessment of CDM databases across the OHDSI-AP network

Presenter: Chungsoo Kim