OHDSI Announces 18-Hour Global Symposium Schedule

The OHDSI community will welcome both network veterans and newcomers from all parts of the world to join in an 18-hour celebration of open science, international collaboration, and community fun on Monday, Oct. 19 during the 2020 OHDSI Global Symposium.

Part of a four-day event that will include both a day of tutorials on Oct. 18 and a two-day study-a-thon on Oct. 20-21, the global symposium will include many of the events that OHDSI veterans look forward to each year at the annual symposium … and a few surprises as well.

The symposium will be held virtually over Microsoft Teams, and registration is available here. Once again, there is no charge for attending the OHDSI Symposium.

Links To All Sessions Throughout The Symposium

2020 Global Symposium Schedule

Starting at midnight ET, our international community will have the opportunity to experience the full excitement of our 2020 symposium. Our Asia-Pacific collaborators will start in the afternoon, while the early risers in Europe can get a jump on their day with the state of the community address. As the symposium continues through the day, our European friends can enjoy panel discussions, poster sessions and a game show in the evening as our North American collaborators are in the middle of their symposium journey!

The first session will be a State of the Community address, followed by a 2-hour plenary session that focuses on large-scale network phenotype development, evaluation, and characterization. This recorded session will be shown twice, once fro the sessions starting at midnight ET, and again for the sessions starting at 7 am ET.

Our Asian-Pacific community will host a set of community network sessions following the first plenary session, which will be followed by the first showing of our Collaborator Showcase lightning talks. These lightning talks will also run later during the event.

The first of three Collaborator Showcase posters/software demo sessions will take place at 5 am ET. Each poster or demo will have its own meeting space within the virtual environment, and presenters will be available to discuss their work during at least one of the three open sessions.

The first of two showings of the “OHDSI Family Feud: Battle of the Titans” will be presented at 6 am ET. This event brought together Titan Award winners from the past two years for a battle of community knowledge and fun that will be lighter viewing during the European and American lunch hours.

At 7 am ET, the state of the community and plenary sessions will be shown again, followed by another session of community network breakouts. These will be open conversations about various aspects of the OHDSI community, including open-source development, OMOP CDM + vocabulary, COVID work, estimation, prediction, and more. A full list of the sessions will be shared closer to the event.

At both 11 am and 3 pm, there will be Collaborator Showcase posters/software demo sessions.

Following a 12 pm lunch break/Family Feud viewing, there will be a highly anticipated panel on “Building Trust: Evidence and its Communication” led by George Hripcsak, Chair and Professor of Biomedical Informatics at Columbia University. This panel is scheduled to include:

• Amy Abernethy, MD, PhD, the Principal Deputy Commissioner of the U.S. FDA
• Patti Brennan, RN, PhD, the Director of the National Library of Medicine, NIH
• Magdalena Skipper, PhD, Editor in Chief, Nature
• Deborah Nelson, JD, Associate Professor of Investigative Journalism, University of Maryland
• Roni Caryn Rabin, MS, science reporter for the New York Times

The Collaborator Showcase lightning talks will be shown at 2 pm, and will include sessions on both “Data Standards and Methods Research” and “Clinical Application and Evidence Dissemination.”

The Women of OHDSI Leadership Forum, following a terrific debut event in 2019, will be held at 4 pm ET and will again welcome some of the top women in the field to discuss their careers and provide mentorship and advice. This panel will also be announced shortly, and again includes an impressive, versatile set of leaders within the field.

The Closing ceremony will begin at 5:30 pm ET, and will include the announcement of the 2020 Titan Award recipients.