Name that Collaborator!

We ask for your participation in this 2021 Global OHDSI Symposium game segment. As our community continues to grow, one of our goals is to network and get to know each other in our wide-reaching, global community.

Therefore, for this year’s symposium, we are delighted to introduce the game “Name that Collaborator!” as a fun and engaging way to get to know your fellow OHDSI Collaborator.

To participate, please upload one childhood face photo and one current, head-shot photo. The childhood photo should be saved as your first name, last name and number 1. The current head-shot photo should be saved as first name, last name and the number 2 (Example: JohnDoe1, John Doe2).

These (2) jpgs will only be seen by the OHDSI events team until symposium time. If you agree to share your photos, we may use them during the symposium at the collaborator showcase on Sept. 14-15. Further details to be announced closer to event date. Thanks in advance for joining this fun journey!

  This game is no longer accepting photos.