Large Language Models Can Enhance
OHDSI Evidence Generation Mission

Large language models can analyze large datasets, extract insights, and generate evidence-based reports, aiding in real-world decision-making by providing accurate, comprehensive information efficiently. The OHDSI Generative AI and Foundational Models workgroup focuses on advancing healthcare research and improve patient outcomes through the innovative application of generative AI and foundational models.

Three members of the OHDSI global community joined the June 18 community call to present recent research in the area of large language models. You can find the video and slides for each presentation below.

Knowledge-guided Generative AI For Automated Taxonomy Learning From Drug Labels

Yilu Fang • PhD Student, Columbia University

A Chatbot to Streamline Biomedical Data Discovery and Analysis

João Almeida • Chief Information Security Officer, University of Aveiro

Generative AI for real-world evidence

Martijn Schuemie • Research Fellow, Epidemiology Analytics, Janssen Research and Development