The LEGEND Initiative

Through LEGEND, OHDSI Applies High-Level Analytics to Perform Observational Research
on Hundreds of Millions of Patient Records Within OHDSI’s International Database Network.

The LEGEND (Large-scale Evidence Generation and Evaluation across a Network of Databases) Initiative applies high-level analytics to perform observational research on hundreds of millions of patient records within OHDSI’s international database network.

LEGEND principles have been applied to studying the effects of treatments for depression, hypertension, and COVID-19, and are being applied to Type 2 diabetes. The clinical impact of LEGEND has already been observed, with important evidence that promotes better health decisions published in Lancet, JAMA Internal Medicine, and Hypertension.

During the Oct. 19 OHDSI Community Call, members of the LEGEND team provided a comprehensive presentation around this initiative, its work around hypertension, and plans around Type 2 diabetes.

Presentation: The LEGEND Initiative

The full presentation is available above. Towards the end of the presentation, Marc Suchard discusses LEGEND’s planned work around Type 2 diabetes, and he highlights several links to use for collaboration. These are listed below.

Study Protocol | Study Package | Presentation Slides

LEGEND is based on 10 guiding principles that were published in JAMIA (August, 2020) and are listed in the image below from the “Our Journey” publication released prior to the 2021 OHDSI Symposium.

Thank you to the team listed below for their hard work on both this initiative and the Oct. 19 presentation: 

  • Fan Bu
  • RuiJun “Ray” Chen
  • Rohan Khera
  • Yuan Lu
  • Anna Ostropolets
  • Aki Nishimura
  • Marc Suchard