2020 Collaborators Showcase

 The deadline to submit your abstract for the 2020 Collaborators Showcase has passed. We thank everyone for their participation this year as we plan to make the showcase a huge success! 

OHDSI’s mission is to improve health, by empowering a community to collaboratively generate the evidence that promotes better health decisions and better care. We envision a world in which observational research produces a comprehensive understanding of health and disease. To achieve this goal, the OHDSI team has formed a multi-stakeholder, interdisciplinary collaboration that aims to bring out the value of health data through large-scale analytics and open-source software tools. OHDSI has established a global community of observational health researchers and a research network covering over 600 million patients.

OHDSI’s achievements to date would not be possible if not for the hard work of our growing community members. Our annual collaborator showcase provides collaborators the opportunity to showcase their tremendous work.

Once again we’ll be inviting collaborators to participate in the collaborator showcase. Collaborators will have the opportunity to submit their work for poster presentations, oral presentations and software demonstrations.

Topics of interest include:
– Observational data standards and management
– Methodological research
– Open-source analytics development
– Clinical research from OHDSI’s analytic use cases:
– Clinical characterization
– Population-level estimation
– Patient-level prediction


A submission template can be found here:Submission Template

The document can be downloaded as a Microsoft Word document by clicking on the link and selecting File->Download As…-> Microsoft Word (.docx).

Each presenting author should upload their document as a PDF. The submission should meet the following guidelines:

● Maximum 2 pages (excluding title page and references)
● Maximum 10 MB
● Clearly state the names, affiliations, and emails of all co-authors and list
co-authors in the order that will appear on the poster or presentation
● Have the following components: Title, Background, Methods, Results,
Discussion/Conclusions. References are recommended.
● Unpublished in the peer-review literature at the time of abstract submission
● [Optional] Figures, tables, and equations can be added to the abstract to support
description of the methods or results

By submitting your work, the presenting author agrees to present at the OHDSI Symposium if their work is selected.

Your document should be saved as a PDF using the following naming convention, where the “firstname” and “lastname” correspond to the name of the presenting author, and “title” should include keywords that summarize the title:  firstname-lastname_title_2020symposium


The showcase will be structured to highlight posters, oral presentations and software demonstrations, both during the main symposium on Monday, Oct. 19, as well as in the OHDSI Social Showcase over the following weeks.

During the symposium, every collaborator will have a specific window of time to present their work that day, as well as answer questions from other symposium attendees, during a moderated hour of the day (similar to the standard poster walk). These will be recorded and eventually linked to each individual showcase page.

All accepted submissions will be required to send their poster/software demo, as well as a video (mp4 format preferred) presentation about their work, by Friday, Oct. 9. The video must be 2:00 minutes or less so that it can be shared easily over all social platforms. If you have trouble creating your own video, there will be an MSTeams channel dedicated to assisting in this process in the final weeks before the submission deadline. More information on this will be shared later.

All posters and videos will be linked on the OHDSI website prior to the Symposium, so the rest of the community can peruse the available research and decide which poster/demo live presentations they wish to visit during the event.

1) POSTER: a poster to present a static display summary of your latest research.

Last year during the 2019 OHDSI Symposium, we conducted a natural experiment to evaluate alternative methods for evidence dissemination. Inspired by Mike Morrison’s video on #betterposter (https://youtu.be/1RwJbhkCA58), we created 2 different poster templates and we asked that you consider using either one as you prepare your poster. As many people liked the Mike Morrison poster template, we included it once again as a template for this year’s symposium. Both templates can be found below should you want to use them. 

The traditional poster template is available here

The Mike Morrison poster template is available here

 2) ORAL PRESENTATION: a 7-minute presentation to verbally share your story with the community. 

3) SOFTWARE DEMONSTRATION: an interactive display of open-source analytics.

As this year’s Collaborators Showcase will be presented virtually and is a work-in-progress, we have included Video Abstract guidelines below should you need assistance. Please stay tuned for more showcase details as we plan for a very creative and informative showcase!

Video Abstracts Tips and Tricks

All submissions are due no later than 8pm (EST) on Thursday, July 16, 2020.

All submissions will be peer-reviewed by the OHDSI Symposium Organizing Committee between July 16 and August 27.

If you have been selected to present your work for the 2020 Showcase, you will be notified via email by Friday, Sept. 4, 2020. 

Should you need additional assistance, please email us at symposium@ohdsi.org.