2020 Asia-Pacific Symposium Collaborator Showcase

Taipei Medical University Clinical Research Database (TMUCRD): A New Application Platform that Integrates Multi-center Electronic Medical Record Systems in Taiwan (Min-Huei Hsu, Jason C. Hsu, Alex PA.Nguyen)






Statin Prescribing Patterns and Residual CRP Risk on Hospitalisation in a South-Western Sydney Population (Preetham K. Kadappu, Jitendra Jonnagaddala, Guan Guo, Blake Cochran, Kerry-Anne Rye, Teng Liaw, Kwok Leung Ong)





A Hybrid Statistical-Machine Learning Approach to Anomaly Detection in Clinical Trial Data (Zachary A. Monge, Miao Chen, Viktor Rovskiy, Daniel Kowalski, Mohan Jayanna, Gordon Thomson, Kristin Stallcup, Jeremy D. Scheff, Victor S. Lobanov)





Mapping to standardised vocabularies: a process for medicine codes in Australia (Ty Stanford)







AI powered data mapping automation (Guy Tsafnat)







Treatment Patterns and Risk of Switch to Mania in Bipolar Depressive Patients Treated with Antidepressants: A real world study using the OHDSI Network (L. Feng, W.W. Wang, X.L. Wang, X.W. Zhang, P.P. Miao, Y.J. Feng, M.V. Zandt, S. Seager, K. Kostka, C. Reich, G. Wang)





Transforming the Psychiatric Hospital Database to the OMOP Common Data Model in China (J. Li, Y.S. Zhang, G.M. Xu, L.L. Zhang, X.Q. Zhu, W.K. Zou, L. Feng, X.W. Zhang, M.V. Zandt, X.L. Wang, J. Li, G. Wang)