Treatment pathways of oral anticoagulants for stroke prevention in atrial fibrillation patients – Patterns from multiple countries

Pareen Vora 1, MSc, Henry Morgan Stewart 2, MSc, Beth Russell 1, MRes, Alex Asiimwe 1, PhD, Gunnar Brobert 3, PhD 

1 Bayer AG, Berlin, Germany; 2 IQVIA, Brighton, UK; 3 Bayer AG, Solna, Sweden 


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Conflict of Interest statement: The study was funded by Bayer AG. Beth Russell was an intern with Bayer AG during the time of this work is now a consultant for Bayer AG. Pareen Vora and Alex Asiimwe are employed by Bayer AG, Berlin Germany. Gunnar Brobert is an employee of Bayer AB, Solna, Sweden. Henry Morgan-Stewart is an employee of IQVIA, Brighton, UK.