2019 OHDSI U.S. Symposium

The 5th annual OHDSI U.S. Symposium welcomed both veterans and new collaborators to the the Bethesda North Marriott Hotel & Conference Center on Sept. 16, 2019. The day opened with an introductory address and plenary talks surrounding real-world evidence, while the afternoon featured talks on community evidence in action and a closing talk on the 10-year history of the OMOP Common-Data Model and a challenge for the future of the OHDSI community.

Check out a full photo recap of the day!

The middle of the day featured the annual collaborator showcase, which included seven lightning talks, nearly 80 poster presentations and several software demos. The research highlights this year by OHDSI collaborators were inspirational, and you can find them all below on our virtual showcase page.

Virtual Collaborator Showcase

The talks will be uploaded to the OHDSI YouTube channel and linked here, and you will be able to find them with their presentation materials below. You can find continued updates about OHDSI on both our Twitter and LinkedIn pages as well.


Symposium Sessions

Introduction / Plenary Talks

Welcome to OHDSI 2019 (George Hripscak & Harlan Krumholz): Video • Slides
A journey toward real-world evidence for regulatory decision-making (Clair Blacketer & Andrew Williams): Video • Slides
Establishing scientific best practices for real-world analysis / Book of OHDSI: (Martijn Schuemie & David Madigan): Video • Slides
Proving reliable real-world evidence: Replicating RCTs using LEGEND (Patrick Ryan & George Hripcsak): Video • Slides
Stakeholder Panel: What has been done? Where should we go? How can we get there? (Moderator: Harlan Krumholz; Panel: Fatemah Alnofal (Research Specialist at the Saudi Food and Drug Authority), Joseph Ross (Professor of Internal Medicine at Yale University) and Azadeh Shoaibi (Lead of CBER Sentinel Program at US Food and Drug Administration): Video

Community Evidence In Action Talks

EHDEN/Oxford Study-A-Thon (Peter Rijnbeek & Dani Prieto-Alhambra): Video • Slides 
CSS: Personalizing surgery for colorectal cancer (Ismail Gogenur & Gregory Klebanov): Video • Slides
Predicting breast cancer to improve screening (Women of OHDSI: Maura Beaton, Kristin Kostka, Jenna Reps & Anna Ostropolets): Video • Slides
Closing Session (Patrick Ryan & Christian Reich): Video

Collaborator Showcase Lightning Talks

Expanding OHDSI into Asia (Mui Van Zandt): Video • Slides
OMOP CDM Oncology Module at Work (Rimma Belenkaya): Video • Slides
FAIR Phenotyping with APHRODITE (Juan Banda): Video • Slides
OHDSI-enabled distributed network analysis for clinical trial feasibility: a collaborative case study to inform a pediatrics randomized trial (Rupa Makadia): Video • Slides
Comparing 102 psychotropic drug regimens for diabetes mellitus risk (Anastasiya Nestsiarovich): Video • Slides
Net Clinical Benefit of Ticagrelor compared to Clopidogrel in patients with Acute Coronary Syndrome following Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (Seng Chan You): Video • Slides
Delivering on-demand evidence via an informatics consultation service (Alison Callahan): Video • Slides


There were six tutorials held during the 2019 OHDSI Symposium weekend. All pertinent materials from these sessions are available below.

OMOP Common Data Model & Standardized Vocabularies

Faculty: Christian Reich, Mui Van Zandt, Hamed Abedtash, Melanie Philofsky, Don Torok, Dmytry Dymshyts
Videos/Materials: Video • Materials on Github • Tutorial Slides

Cohort Definition/Phenotyping

Faculty: Patrick Ryan, Chris Knoll, Joel Swerdel, Cong Liu
Videos/Materials: Video 1 l Video 2 l Video 3 • Overall Tutorial Slides • PheValuator Slides • Criteria2Query Slides

Patient-Level Prediction (PLP)

Faculty: Peter Rijnbeek, Jenna Reps, Ross Williams
Videos/Materials: Video 1 l Video 2 l Video 3 l Video 4 l Video 5 • Materials on Github • Tutorial Slides

Population-Level Estimation

Faculty: Martijn Schuemie, Patrick Ryan, James Weaver, Alex Rekkas
Videos/Materials: Video 1 l Video 2 l Video 3 l Video 4 • Materials on GithubObservational Study Design SlidesDissecting A Cohort Design Slides

Data Quality

Faculty: Andrew Williams; Vojtech Huser, Ajit Londhe, Hanieh Razzaghi, Connor Callahan, Tim Bergquist
Videos/Materials: Video 1 l Video 2 l Video 3 l Video 4Introduction Slides • DataQualityDashboard Slides • Testing Data Completeness with DQe-c-v2 Slides • PEDSnet Data Quality Slides • PEDSnet DQA Tutorial Slides

Extraction, Transformation, and Load Process (ETL)

Faculty: Clair Blacketer, Erica Voss
Videos/Materials: Video 1 l Video 2 l Video 3Materials on Github • Tutorial Slides

Women of OHDSI Real-World Analytics Leadership Forum

The Women of OHDSI kicked off the weekend with a special event Sunday night, as they welcomed four leaders in the field to conduct the first Real-World Analytics Forum. The speakers were:

  • Noémie Elhadad, PhD, Co-interim Chair, Associate Professor of Biomedical Informatics; Graduate Program Director at Columbia University
  • Violanda Grigorescu, MD, MSPH, Chief, Partnerships and Evaluation Branch in the Center for Surveillance, Epidemiology and Laboratory Services at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  • Janet Woodcock, MD, Director of the Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER) at the Food and Drug Administration
  • Joanne Waldstreicher, MD, Chief Medical Officer at Johnson & Johnson

The full forum is available here. You can see a recap of the great evening below.


OHDSI thanks all of its sponsors for their continued support of our mission improve health by empowering a community to collaboratively generate the evidence that promotes better health decisions and better care. You can see all our sponsors here.

OHDSI Symposium Interviews/Video Recaps