2019 OHDSI Symposium Materials

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Symposium Agenda – All Three Days
Symposium Agenda – September 16th Only
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Presentation Slides

Welcome to OHDSI 2019 (George Hripscak & Harlan Krumholz)
Plenary Session – Data Quality Reporting (Clair Blacketer & Andrew Williams)
Plenary Session – Book of OHDSI (Martijn Schuemie & David Madigan)
Plenary Session – Replicating RCTs using LEGEND (Patrick Ryan & George Hripcsak)
Lightning Talks (All speakers)
Community Evidence in Action – EHDEN (Peter Rijnbeek & Dani Prieto-Alhambra) 
Community Evidence in Action – CSS: Personalizing surgery for colorectal cancer (Ismail Gogenur & Gregory Klebanov)
Community Evidence in Action – Women of OHDSI (Maura Beaton, Kristin Kostka, Jenna Reps & Anna Ostropolets)
Closing Session (Patrick Ryan & Christian Reich) – Coming Soon

Lightning Talks

Expanding OHDSI into Asia (Mui Van Zandt)
OMOP CDM Oncology Module at Work (Rimma Belenkaya)
FAIR Phenotyping with APHRODITE (Juan Banda)
OHDSI-enabled distributed network analysis for clinical trial feasibility: a collaborative case study to inform a pediatrics randomized trial (Rupa Makadia)
Comparing 102 psychotropic drug regimens for diabetes mellitus risk (Anastasiya Nestsiarovich)
Net Clinical Benefit of Ticagrelor compared to Clopidogrel in patients with Acute Coronary Syndrome following Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (Seng Chan You)
Delivering on-demand evidence via an informatics consultation service (Alison Callahan)


Posters & Abstracts


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