Charity Hilton


Charity Hilton
Systems Engineer
Regenstrief Institute

Charity Hilton has been with Regenstrief Institute since 2011. With a background in computer science and linguistics, she has worked in Health Information Technology as a software developer since 2006. Charity has been an active member on the NLP team, advancing not only research, cohort analysis and data visualization tools but also NLP core algorithms, including section and concept identification, parts of speech and grammar tree parsing, with additional emphasis on identifying family history in clinical notes. Charity also served as a senior developer on the Regenstrief Medical Gopher CPOE system for over 2 years. Through this effort, using a variety of technologies, she has worked on every layer of the technology stack, including user interfaces, APIs and downstream interfaces.

As part of the OHDSI effort, Charity was key to developing the Heracles visualization tool, building backend Java web services and the front end, using D3.js. Heracles combines data analytics on medical cohorts in the CDM with detailed data visualizations. In addition, she participated on the Olympus project to build a common container for all OHDSI applications.